Highly focussed research & development

Research and development leading to innovation in composite material design and manufacture for very specialised applications

Our experience as a UK composite manufacturer and structural composite assemblies specialist spans 30 years, providing us with market-leading expertise in advanced composite component development and manufacture.  

PE Composites can work with you to research innovative composite materials solutions that meet your component performance characteristics for even the most demanding of environments.

In response to your operational requirements, we can create application-specific smart composite materials that enhance the properties that your particular application demands, whether this is improved corrosion resistance, electrical or other characteristics.   This can result in improved p[erformance or the reduction of maintenance to an absolute minimum and provides you with a cost-effective operational support solution, with equal or improved product performance.

Our expertise is not limited to manufacture of composite components, we have the capability to adopt a fully integrated design approach accross different areas of expertise.  For example, providing a complete design and build service for electrical/electronic and hydraulic control systems or designing printed circuit discreet components plus Mineral Insulated Copper Clad (MICC) and Radio Frequency (RF) devices, reducing the number of component connectors and interfaces.  This ensures an improvement in reliability, performance and unit cost economies.  It also allows controlled and repeatable manufacturing to be undertaken, resulting in superior dependability and a reduction in through-life costs.

Antennas on Composites

We have developed a unique Antennas on Composites (AoC) concept, in which state-of-the-art composite materials are incorporated with the antenna module to form a conformal structure.

AoC is fully customisable and offers rugged designs that are suitable for above and below water platform fits, with repeatable performance and increased reliability. Such non-invasive structures are compact and lightweight with redundancy of incorporation, offering low-loss interconnections with cost-effectiveness.

Unlike conventional antenna radomes, with which complex calibration procedures are required to compensate any effect that may degrade the performance of the antenna, AoC includes the electrical properties of the composite hybrids with the antenna structures.  This successfully demonstrates unique performance that is difficult to achieve on conventional antenna designs.

See our project list for more information on how an AoC solution could benefit your organisation.  Contact us to find out how we can meet your composite research, design, manufacturing, testing and certification challenges.

Embedded health monitoring sensors

Embedded health monitoring sensors within the carbon laminate

Embedded antennas in composite structures

Embedded antennas in composite structures

Antennas on Composites (AoC)

Antennas on Composites (AoC)