Renewable energy - innovation in composites

Smart composite materials solutions for green energy applications

Onshore and offshore wind, wave and tidal power generation technologies subject components to long-term stresses in environments that require optimal corrosion-free, low-maintenance performance.

The use of advanced composite product design and development in wind and tidal turbines and wave power devices extends operating life and reduces maintenance.  Highly loaded structures manufactured using epoxy composites can have long fatigue lives essential to their long term survival. 

Composite materials have a low-carbon-footprint and many composite materials are less demanding of natural resources than more traditional solutions.  Embodied energy is also much lower.

PE Composites has been providing renewable energy customers with turbine blade solutions since 2004.  Our capabilities have extended to providing research and development support for customers producing experimental tidal technologies.

Today our renewable energy projects include the provision of wind turbine tip box sections as part of the braking mechanism for wind turbine blade component manufacturer Vestas (previously NEG Micon), which have been distributed worldwide.

As specialists in the design, manufacture and repair of composite structures, we can offer our renewable energy customers extensive durable and commercially viable composite solutions for many applications.  We are able to produce composite structures to any scale and have recently manufactured blades for a prototype tidal power turbine.

Other applications for composites in this sector may include: primary and secondary structures, fairings, blades, hulls, shafts, buoyancy, equipment enclosures, hydrofoils, gangways, ladders, piping and ducts, etc.

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Our renewable energy customers include:

  • Vestas (NEG Micon)
  • Gurit
  • Openhydro

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