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Communication buoy

The buoy has been designed to be capable of surviving prolonged exposure to the most severe of environments.

The buoy is constructed with a rigid PVC foam core which is encapsulated with an exterior GRP skin.

When deployed from its purpose designed housing on the host submersible platform, the buoy ascends under natural buoyancy.

The hydrodynamic design of the buoy allows it to display underwater handling characteristics similar to that of a kite in air, and is capable of being towed at speeds in excess of 20 knots.

The 0020 Communication Buoy which houses a low frequency reception capability is normally deployed between 8 to 10 feet below the sea surface.
NSN 0988-99-535-4133

Technical Specification

Core Foam
HCP 70 ( Density 300 Kgs/M3 )
Glass Reinforced Plastic
750 Kgs
130 Kgs
Excess Buoyancy
350 Kgs
L 2500mm x W 1500mm x H 750mm
Pressure (Hydrostatic)
70 bar
Operational Temperature
-30°C to +45°C
Storage Temperature
-40°C to +70°C
All materials resistant to salt corrosion and in-service fluids and contaminants.