Precision machined metallic or non-metallic parts

Experts in the provision of precision machining and engineering services

Our in-house precision machining capability includes both Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) and conventional machining equipment and we have machined components for numerous sectors including defence, aerospace and tidal energy where we have machined complex blade roots and fixings.

We have extensive workshop facilities containing conventional lathes with up to 2m swing, CNC lathes with live tooling capability and a horizontal borer with a 1 square meter table and capable of machining 2 tonne components.

These market-leading precision machining facilities, operated by our highly skilled and experienced machinists, enable us to create a huge range of tooling and precision machined components to a very high standard.

We routinely work with metals such as titanium and duplex stainless steel but also have extensive experience machining non metallic materials such as polymer composite laminates and other engineered plastics such as nylon.  

Once the components have been machined, PE Composites can provide additional fitting and assembly services, plus ongoing support throughout the product’s operational life.

Quality is assured and finished components can be inspected using portable CMM if required; allowing the component to be dimensionally compared against an original 3D file.

See our project list for details of some of the precision machined products that we have produced at our Newport facilities.  Contact us to find out how we can help with your particular machining requirements.

Machined parts for electrical applications

Machined parts for electrical applications

Machined components

Machined components produced for both military and commercial markets

One-site testing facilities

One-site testing facilities ensure that machined components meet required specification

CNC and conventional machines

In-house precision machining plant includes both CNC and conventional machines