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PE Composites deliver 40th Atlantic 85 to RNLI

Wednesday 15th May 2013

PE Composites are delighted to be able report the delivery to RNLI of the 40th hull and deck assembly with internals for their Atlantic 85 inshore rescue craft.

We have manufactured the latest generation of RNLI inshore life boats since 2006 and approximately eight sets of deck and hull structures are manufactured each year. Our advanced composite materials solution for the deck and hull produces lighter, stronger and higher performing inshore craft.

By applying a carbon and glass reinforced sandwich construction process, we cut the component weights by 25% compared with traditional polyester composite hull and deck structures.

The lean manufacturing process we use to produce the components results in a high performance laminate with low void content and high quality repeatable assembly over the operational life of the RIB.

The Atlantic 85 design allows room for four crew members and more kit than the Atlantic 75 lifeboat which it was designed to replace.  She has a stronger hull and greater top speed.

The added radar allows the crew to operate more effectively in poor visibility and she also has VHF direction-finding equipment.

A manually operated self-righting mechanism combined with two 115hp 4-stroke inversion-proofed engines keep her operational even after capsize. She is also capable of being beached in an emergency without sustaining damage to engines or steering gear.

The Atlantic 85 carries a full suite of communication and electronic navigation aids, including VHF radio, VHF direction finding, intercom, DGPS and electronic chart, radar and hand-held VHF, as well as a searchlight, night-vision equipment and illuminating paraflares for night-time operations.

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