Marine & industrial - composite materials for harsh environments

Smart materials solutions for demanding industrial applications

Marine and industrial environments subject materials to harsh conditions that demand optimum and maintenance-free performance over extended periods of operation.

By applying up-to-date composite materials technology to industrial and marine engineering challenges, the elimination of corrosion and fatigue in major components, particularly structural fixings and connector components exposed to seawater, can significantly reduce maintenance requirements.

Composite materials have been used extensively in a marine environment since the late 1950's and their durability is well proven in applications including sailing and motor vessels, buoys and buoyancy, pontoons, etc.

The majority of high performance craft are now manufactured from combinations of composite materials combined using a range of different manufacturing processes.
PE Composites has been providing industrial and marine customers with composite fabrications and precision machined solutions since 1982.

Today our marine and industrial customers include many global engineering leaders and PE Composites are helping pioneer the use of composites into new areas of application such as ocean energy - tidal stream generation devices.

We supply the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) with inshore lifeboats and Griffon Hoverworks with Kevlar and carbon fibre hovercraft propeller ducts ranging in size between 3-5 metres diameter and designed to cope with the most extreme load cases and environmental conditions.

With our onsite extensive advanced composite structure manufacture and production facilities, we are able to produce small or large-scale composite structures. If you have a requirement, and you are unsure if composites would provide a technically and commercially viable solution, why not contact us and find out the facts?  Why not let us develop your new product for you, whether it is a fast rescue craft, or a lightweight access ladder, or maybe a hatch cover?

See our project list for details of our marine and industrial-related products.  Contact us to find out if we can be of assistance.

Our marine and industrial customers include:

  • B-N Group
  • Griffon Hoverworks
  • Molins
  • Royal National Lifeboat Institute

We are also an approved supplier to: Red Bull Technology, OpenHydro, Sustainable Marine Energy 

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