Composites manufacturing

Advanced composites engineering provider

Our modern manufacturing facilities and plant enable our expert workforce to manufacture components using a wide variety of techniques to meet your specification.

PE Composites capable and innovative staff will work with you to ensure a practical and cost effective solution no matter what the application.

Our composite experts will help you choose the materials and manufacturing process that best fits the performance specifications of your component and its final application.

Manufacturing process options include:

Wet lay-up

involves impregnating the fibre reinforcement by hand, using all major resin systems, leaving components to cure before de-moulding

Vacuum bagging

uses a vacuum pump to extract air, which increases the fibre content of the laminate, decreases the void content thus providing improved structural performance and a lighter component.

Resin infusion

places dry reinforcement in a sealed mould tool, inducing a vacuum that draws the resin into the reinforcement, increasing fibre content and reducing void content.  Normally done in an open mould with a vacuum bag consolidator.

Resin film infusion & Sprint

applies a vacuum to pre-catalysed resin films interleaved with dry reinforcement. A two stage curing process first causes the resin to impregnate the fibre and then cures the laminate.

Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM)

can give a moulded surface finish on both sides of the component by sequentially filling the mould cavity.  Tooling is more expensive but the cost can be spread over multiple components.


involves pre-impregnated reinforcement fibres being consolidated into a mould tool using a vacuum or press and heated to complete the curing process.

We can provide a complete, end-to-end service that includes design & engineering, prototyping, tooling, manufacturing, fitting, assembly and testing.  And because we’ve been manufacturing composite components for over 30 years, we will meet your specifications, schedule and budget first time.

See our project list for details of typical composite products.  Contact us to find out how we can help convert your ideas into viable composite assemblies.

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Fleet 55 Radome and AZE Radome

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