Antennas and radomes


P.E. Composites Ltd (PECL) has many years of experience in the design, manufacture, testing and installation of composite radomes and composite/hybrid structures for hostile and exacting environments where a high specification and performance is required from both sensor and structure.  Our own radome and antenna technology exceeds the performance requirements of all of our clients' specifications.  Why not talk to us about your specific requirement? 

With a view to maintaining the Company’s leading position in industry, the PECL engineering team remain abreast of developments in composite materials, technologies and processes which provides a valuable base in support of our ongoing PECL privately funded R&D programme. A large volume of PECL innovative design finds its way into military platforms, principally submarines, but is also highly suitable for commercial applications.  What is your requirement?

PECL, supported by NSSL Ltd of Redhill and QinetiQ of Farnborough have designed, manufactured and qualified a range of low cost submarine Mast Top Assemblies (MTA) to support the COTS Marine INMARSAT Fleet 77, 55 and 33, Broadband 500 and 250 SATCOM systems. The Fleet 77 and 55 variant systems are already operationally proven in submarine service.

Our customers’ challenging requirements can quickly be transformed into a design and costed proposal.

Typical examples below illustrate requirements met by PECL for high specification solutions for submarine borne and other systems.

PECL Low Above Water Signature (AWS) Radome fully compliant with the environmental and mechanical requirements demanded by the current UK MoD DEF STAN for Royal Navy Submarines.

Sensor radomes providing total environmental protection for submarine abovewater sensors without degrading the performance of the individual sensors. The radomes must be able to withstand the operating profile of the host platform.

Many of our radomes have a solar heat reflecting paint system for exterior finish and a double o-ring configuration to achieve interfacing with the appropriate submarine mast.  All radome designs are fully tested and qualified to meet the operating profile of in-service and future submarine platforms.

Antennas on Composites

We have developed a unique Antennas on Composites (AoC) concept, in which state-of-the-art composite materials are incorporated with the antenna module to form a conformal structure.

AoC is fully customisable and offers rugged designs that are suitable for above and below water platform fits, with repeatable performance and increased reliability. Such non-invasive structures are compact and lightweight with redundancy of incorporation, offering low-loss interconnections with cost-effectiveness.

Unlike conventional antenna radomes, with which complex calibration procedures are required to compensate any effect that may degrade the performance of the antenna, AoC includes the electrical properties of the composite hybrids with the antenna structures. This successfully demonstrates unique performance that is difficult to achieve on conventional antenna designs.

See our project list for more information on how an AoC solution could benefit your organisation. Contact us to find out how we can meet your composite research, design, manufacturing, testing and certification challenges.


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